Wednesday, 25 August 2010

First things first.

Never Blogged before, even the name 'Blog' sends shivers of popular culture enduced, self loathing coarsing through my body. I scoffed, just like I did with Twitter and even facebook back in the day. 'Pointless' I'd proclaim. 'Who gives a shit about what this arsehole has to say' I'd bellow.

And, so without a hint of irony, or hypocracy, I present my blog. It will mainly be about the travels that me and my best gal are embarking on come january 27th when we leave for New York on a one way ticket.

The itinerary will consist of: US-Brazil-Argentina-Peru-Chile-Bolivia-South Africa-India-Bangladesh-Sri Lanka-Indonesia-Phillipines-Japan-Thailand-Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam-Australia and finishing in New Zealand on a working Visa. The plans may and probably will change as we go round so you'll have to excuse any inconsistencies as the blogs mount up.

At the moment we are still very much in the planning phases, including applying for Visa's, renewing passports, getting our finances in order and getting all the necessary innoculations so as to avoid any tropical diseases which have an annoying tendency to mke you bleed from the eyes, and gnaw gradually away at your soft, soft flesh.

The hidden costs which we didn't factor into our overall budget are really starting to make themselves known. Injections, rucksack, passport, visa costs all contributing to what will eventually be the biggest single outlay of cash I've ever had to make.

Including tickets, before we've even left the country, it'll be in the region of about £7k. Makes me start shaking with excitement when I think about it. Although I haven't completely ruled out buying a corner sofa and matching coffee table instead.